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AOI optical drilling system RBM 02

The   AOI   Registration   Drilling   System   RBM   02   prepares   the   layers   in   perfect   accuracy for Bonding or Rivet fixation afte prepackaging. The      major      advantage regarding    to    the    known postedge    punches,    is    a losses   qualitylevel   on   the registration,       done       by regular drilling bits. The    system    contains    a ccd    camera    system    with intelligent                   target recognation.                 The software´s   surface   ,   is   like know    from    all    the    other HML    solutions    a    strictly logic    design,    to    give    the operators   an   easy   start   up with      the      system      and conveniend   work   process flow. The   system   is   made   with an   easy   to   handle   menu system. The       system       handles panels   /   layers      220   x   220 mm   up   to   670   x   670   mm, at    materialstrengths    from 0,05 mm up to 6,00 mm.   For further information please refer our datasheet 
Datenblatt RBM 02 Datenblatt RBM 02